"So I come here tonight with one question: What do you believe in? Because in life, if you don't stand for something, you are sure to fall for everything. I can answer that question in a heartbeat. Each night, I wear it on my sleeve; I wear it on my chest; I wear it on my hat; I wear it on my shoes; This is what I believe. My name is John Cena. I am not a god, I am a man. And I am a man who still believes in respect, in honor, and in hard work. And my message, my message is clear as day: no matter what the fight, no matter how tough the odds, you never give up. I'm a man who also understands that I may have to fight Bray Wyatt alone. But as a man I was raised to fight for what I believe in. And here in the WWE, the competition may change, the color of my t-shirt may change, the WWE Universe itself may change; but my resolve and my message does not. You never give up, even if I'm the last man standing. You never give up. My name is John Cena. This is my message. This is what I believe in."
-John Cena

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